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Printed Circuit Board Industry
(Full Automatic Direct Imaging System)
(Full Automatic Direct Imaging System)
(Direct Imaging System)
DXP-3101 The series enables drawing of original photo-masks and electronic PWB.  It is a direct exposure system that does not use any photo-masks.  This, along with our optical, alignment and handling technologies, enables the forming of next generation fine patterns and high-mix low-volume production.
Normal Solder Resist Application Normal Dry Film Application    
PCB Exposure Units (Manual/Semi Automatic) Full Automatic Exposure System    
HMW-201 series (3kw, 4kw, 5kw), HMW-680 series (7kw), EXP series, Collimated light source Primary and Secondary Imaging    


Semi Conductor & LCD Industry
UV Yield Innovator Bump Height Measurement System Titler with Edge Exposure System Non-Contact Alignment Exposure System
Charge removal by irradiating semiconductor wafers with UV light Total bump height measurement with high throughput. This system has both Laser Titling and Edge Exposure Function, to meet various requests from LCD manufacturers which start or will start producing generation 6 or bigger Glass sizes. * High accurate collimated light source
* High accurate Aligner achieve high accurate mask alignment
* No contact alignment (no contact to substrate edges)


UV Lamps (to see details, click any photo)
Capillary Type Super High Pressure UV Lamp Short Arc Lamp Low Pressure UV Lamp Excimer UV Lamps
Lamps Lamp
Ultraviolet Radiation Source Systems
Lamp House & Power Supply UV Dry Processor UV Conveyor
Lamp HouseLamp House
for small-scale experiments LCD Manufacturing Equipment Conveyor Units
Handy UV irradiation unit is a small-sized irradiation unit to cure and dry UV resin such as UV ink and adhesive by irradiating ultraviolet rays. ORC UV-Dry Processor is a dry type UV cleaning system capable of precision cleaning by irradiating UV to organic contaminants on the surface of the products. There are a variety of reflecting mirror units, from which you can choose suitable ones for the material and shape of the work pieces.

UV Meters
UV Meter (UV-M03A) UV Meter (UV-351) UV Meter (UV-M10)
UV Meter UV 351 UV M10
Measure both intensity (mW/cm2) and integrated value (mJ/cm2) Measure integrated value (mJ/cm2) Measure integrated value (mJ/cm2)