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ORC USA Inc is a subsidiary of ORC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Japan and is located in Torrance, California USA.





ORC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Japan is one of the world's leaders in manufacturing of UV Exposure, Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment. In addition, ORC has been "supplying industry with light" for over a half of century as a manufacturer of specialized light sources. Their leading edge optoelectronics technologies, products and systems play major roles in the fields of semiconductor, nanotechnology, liquid crystal display and printed circuitry. ORC also manufactures power supplies, integration units, irradiance meters, lamp houses and complete sub-assemblies for various UV applications.

 ORC was established in Tokyo in 1951.  Since its founding, ORC has come to be ranked highly worldwide as the manufacturer of light sources used widely throughout every type of industry and for its high reliability.  A pioneer in the light industry,  ORC aspires to challenge itself by undertaking a new theme: harmony between high technology and the natural environment - an element of communication.



Product Line

UV Lamps

Exposure Units for Printed Circuit Boards

Measuring and Testing Instruments

Equipment for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Equipment for Liquid-Crystal Display Manufacturing

Light-Utilizing Devices


Head Office in Tokyo (Japan)


Suwa Plant in Nagano Prefecture (Japan)


Hinode Plant in Tokyo (Japan)






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